Monday, May 1, 2017

#012 - Cool Spot

It's Zap Night's FIRST birthday and we are chatting about Cool Spot for the Super Nintendo! 
This is another tag team play through with a total play time of 2:36:00.

Scoring TableDannyKaylie
Grade75/100 C

Our thrift shop game review this month was Sims Castaway on the PS2. You can watch us make our Sim characters and our short gameplay here:

We'd like to thank everyone for listening every month and we are super excited to keep growing Zap Night! Feel free to send us an email with comments, questions, suggestions, etc. In the next couple months, we will be having a few special guests join Danny on the podcast while Kaylie takes some time to spend with her new baby boy!! Congratulations to Kaylie (and Brandon)!

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